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Saturday, April 1st, 2006

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violets are red (animaniacs)

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
That's what they say,
but it just isn't true!
Roses are red and apples are too,
But violets are violet...violets aren't blue!
An orange is orange, but Greenland's not green.
A pinky's not pink, so what does it mean?
To call something blue when it's not, we defile it.
But ah, what the heck...it's hard to rhyme violet!

"Animaniacs" (c) Warner Brothers, performed by Dot, a Warner Sister.
lake Titikaka (animaniacs)
Lake Titikaka

Lake Titikaka
Oh Lake Titikaka
It's between Bolivia and Peru
Lake Titikaka
Oh Lake Titikaka
With water so tranquil and blue
Lake Titikaka
Oh Lake Titikaka
Why do we sing of it's fame?
Lake Titikaka
Oh Lake Titikaka
Because we really like saying its name - Titikaka!!!

"animaniacs" (c) Warner Brothers

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